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Japan Studies: Manga 漫画

How to Search for Japanese Manga

Japanese websites on manga

An excellent guide for J. manga online created by the University of Kansas

Search in the library catalog

1. In Quick search, click Book+ and advanced search. 
2. Type "comics" into the search field. 
3. Select "genre/form" for the search field. 
4. Select "Japanese" as the language. 
5. Search. 


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Subjects: East Asian Studies

Welcome to the Yale Japanese Manga Collection

Welcome to our brief guide to manga and related materials held by the Yale University Japanese Collection. We hope the below lists will serve as a starting point for those interested in Japanese comic books. We are always looking to build the collection, so if there are particular resources relevant to you which you cannot find in the collection, please contact us. 

Notable Artists

Hasegawa Machiko

One of the earliest woman manga artists; creator of Sazae-san, one of the most famous and longest-running series in history. 

Tezuka Osamu

Credited (somewhat problematically) as the originator of manga as we know it in the post-war, Tezuka is often called the "god of manga." 

Takemiya Keiko

One of the legendary "Year 24" group of female manga artists, who imbued girls' manga with psychology and eroticism, Takemiya Keiko is best known for her series The Song of the Wind and Trees, on the tragic and doomed love affair of two boys at boarding school. 

Mizuki Shigeru

The great folklorist of manga, known for Ge ge ge no Kitarō and other series about Japan's spooky and creepy creatures. 

Matsumoto Leiji

Creator of famous space epics such as Galaxy Express 999 and Captain Harlock.

Okazaki Kyoko

One of the pioneer's of "ladies comics" in the 90s, which featured adult women in stylish, gruesome, erotic, and real situations. 

Genres of Interest