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Japan Studies: ILL requests

Guide to Successful Interlibrary Loan of Japanese Materials

Submitting Interlibrary Loan (ILL) requests for Japanese journal articles can be complicated. Please follow the steps below.


Step 0

Check to see if you can find the item you need in Orbis or Borrow Direct. Please also check the following.

For Journal articles:
CiNii (partially full text – if there are items which require payment, please request via ILL), JAIRO (mostly full text)

For items other than journal articles (books, microfilms, DVDs):
HathiTrust (partially full text),  Google Books (partially full text), Digital Library from the Meiji Era (full text), JAIRO (dissertations)

If you can find your article or book through these sources, please request or access using these rather than ILL.


Step 1

In order to obtain exactly what you need, you must supply ILL with accurate bibliographical information, especially ISBN, ISSN and OCLC numbers if they are available. If you have difficulties identifying the information, please feel free to contact Haruko Nakamura.

For Journal articles:

Article title, author, journal title, ISSN # and/or OCLC# (if available), publisher, publication date, issue and page numbers.  

For items other than journal articles (books, microfilms, DVDs):

Title, author, ISBN# and/or OCLC# (if available), edition (if necessary).  



It is often very helpful to know the source of the citation (i.e. where did you find it?)

If you need a specific edition of the item, make sure the bibliographical information is for that edition.

OCLC numbers (found in WorldCat) can vary by institutional records and different institutions may have different volumes; please consider this when submitting the OCLC number.


Step 2

Once you have gathered the bibliographical information, submit it to the ILL system. You can copy and paste information in Japanese scripts directly into their form.


If you have any problems fulfilling your request, please contact Haruko Nakamura.


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