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Yale History Timeline: 1710 - 1719

May 22, 1711 - December 30, 1719

1711 May 22

Letter from Jeremiah Dummer (B.A. Harvard 1699 ), Agent in London of the Province of Massachusetts 1710-1721 and of Connecticut Colony 1712-1730, to Rev. James Pierpont mentioned "Mr. Yale, formerly Governor of Fort George in the Indies, has got a prodigious estate....  He told me lately, that he intended to bestow a charity upon some college in Oxford....  But I think he should much rather do it to your college, seeing he is a New England and I think a Connecticut man...."

1712 October

Under title of "An Act for encouragement of Learning" the Connecticut General Assembly voted "That the collegiate school at Seybrook ... shall receive this present year out of the Colony treasury the sum of one hundred pounds ... instead of one hundred and twenty pounds in pay formerly granted to the said school."

1713 May 5

Dummer wrote:  "The Library I am collecting for your Colledge comes on well ... and Mr. Yale has done something, tho very little considering his Estate and particular relation to your Collony."

1714 July 26

Tutor Joseph Noyes at Saybrook wrote Rector Samuel Andrew at Milford concerning the publication of "theses & A Catalogue, as in other Schoolse."  "We had a very valuable and considerable Library of Choice Books Sent to us."

1715 May

The Connecticut General Assembly ordered "That for the Encouragement of So good a work as building a Convenient house for sd School A brief be sent unto the several Towns & Parrishes in this Colony for ye asking the Contribution of the well affected to Religion & Learning among us...."

1715 October

The Assembly voted that from the sale of 105,793 acres of land "there shall be paid five hundred pounds to the trustees of the Collegiate School, for the building a College house...."

1716 September 12

The Trustees voted to remove the Collegiate School to New Haven "as a very Convenient place for it, and for which the Most Liberal Donations are given...."  Hartford Trustees continued struggle to locate the School at Hartford.


Some students enrolled at Wethersfield under Tutor Elisha Williams.

1717 April 5

The Trustees "agreed & ordered, that, the Building of a Collegiate School & also A House for a Rector in New-Haven be undertaken with all convenient Speed. "It is Agreed & Voted that the Honourable or Governour with or Deputy Govenr be intreated to favour us with their advice concerning the Architechtonick part of the Building of the Collegiate House & Rectors House." Committee of Trustees appointed "to inspect, order and direct the Buildings aforesd....  Mr. Henry Caner engaged as builder.

1717 September 11

The first commencement in New Haven.

1717 October 8

The first building raised.  Partially removed in November 1775, kitchen and dining rooms retained until October 1782.

1717 October 31

Colony grant distributed by Trustees on basis of student enrollment--13 in New Haven, 14 in Wethersfield, and 4 at Saybrook.

1718 January 14

Rev. Cotton Mather (B.A. Harvard 1678) wrote to Elihu Yale of London regarding the needs of the College: "Sir, though you have your felicities in your family, which I pray God continue and multiply, yet certainly, if what is forming at New Haven might wear the name of YALE COLLEGE, it would be better than a name of sons and daughters.  And your munificence might easily obtain for you such a commemoration and perpetuation of valuable name, as would be much better than an Egyptian pyramid."


Yale student enrollment was 37.


Gifts received from Governor Elihu Yale.

1718 September 10

The Collegiate School named Yale College at first public Commencement in New Haven in honor of Elihu Yale in honor of Elihu Yale's donations.  Following the exercises in the Church "the Gentlemen all returned to the Colledge hall where they were Entertained with a splendid Dinner, & The Ladies at the same time were also Entertained in the Library, after which they sung the 4 first verses in ye 65 Ps. and so the Day ended."

1718 October 9

"An Act for the Encouragement of Yale College" passed by the Connecticut General Assembly.

1718 December

Removal of books from Saybrook to New Haven.

1719 March 24

Rev. Timothy Cutler became Rector.

1719 December 30

The First Society (Center Church) granted "ye Liberty of sitting in ye N. E. half of ye Front Gallery in ye Meeting house except ye frount seat, provided ye present Studants do pay 1s. per head...& for ye future ye students at sd. school 2s. per head per annum for ye use of sd. Society."


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