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Yale History Timeline: 1900 - 1909

1900 - July 30, 1908


Fall 1900 Allan M. Hirsh, Class of 1901, wrote Boola Boola.
Mar 16 1900 Acceptance of gift from Mr. and Mrs. James W. Pinchot, Gifford Pinchot (B.A. 1889), and Amos R. E. Pinchot (B.A. 1897), providing for the establishment of a School of Forestry.
Oct 20-23 1901 Exercises in commemoration of the Bicentennial Anniversary of the founding of the University. The celebration included a special convovation at which sixty-two honorary degrees were conferred.
May 5 1902 Convocation to honor William Thomson, Lord Kelvin.
Jun 1902 The Yale Foreign Missionary Society established.  In 1934 the name officially changed to Yale-in-China Association.
May 20 1905 Pierson-Sage Square property acquired for development of University laboratories.
Jun 27 1905 Election of the first non-clerical Fellow, Payson Merrill (B.A. 1865), as a Successor of the Original Trustees.
Feb 19 1906 The Corporation provided for the establishment of an Alumni Board, to "meet the desire of Yale graduates in different sections of the country for representation on the councils of the University."
Nov 16 1907 Beginning of teaching at Yale-in-China, in Chang-sha, Hunan.
Jul 30 1908 The Yale University Press founded by George Parmly Day (B.A. 1897).


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