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Yale History Timeline: 1870 - 1879

1870 - 1878


1870 First Yale Scientific Expedition organized by Professor Othniel C. Marsh.
Feb 8 1871 Articles of Incorporation of the Board of Trustees of the Sheffield Scientific School drawn up at the suggestion of Mr. Joseph E. Sheffield.
Jul 11 1871 The Corporation accepted "An Act relating to Yale College," passed by the General Assembly on July 6, which provided for the election of six graduates as Fellows of Yale College "in the stead of the six senior senators of the state. . . ."
Oct 11 1871 Inauguration of the Rev. Dr. Noah Porter, eleventh president.
Mar 13 1872

The Corporation voted: "Whereas Yale College has by the successive establishment of the various departments of instruction in the Institution attained to the form of a University: 

"Resolved, that it be recognized as comprising the four departments of which a University is commonly understood to consist, viz: the departments of Theology, of Law, of Medicine, and of Philosophy and the Arts.

"Resolved, also, that the department of Philosophy and the Arts be recognized as comprising, in addition to the School of the Fine Arts, the three Faculties which severally instruct the members of the University who are prosecuting their studies as candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, the degree of Bachelor of Arts, or the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy."

"Voted, that after the public Commencement in the year 1874 the degree of Master of Arts will not be conferred, unless satisfactory evidence has been given that the candidate has been pursuing professional, literary, or scientific studies since receiving his first degree."

May 15-16 1872 The Semicentennial Anniversary of the founding of the Divnity School.
1872 The Linonia and Brothers in Unity societies presented their libraries to the College and disbanded.
Sep 11 1872 Publication of the first number of the Yale Record.
1872 Mary Goodman, New Haven African American businesswoman, endowed a scholarship fund for the education of African Americans in the Divinity School.
Jun 24 1874 "Voted, that the granting of ad eundem degrees henceforth cease."
Jun 24 1874 The Semicentennial Anniversary of the founding of the Divnity School.
1875 First Yale-Harvard football game.
May 17 1876 Advanced course in law and political science for graduates offered in School of Law leading to the degrees of Master of Laws and Doctor of Civil Law.
May 17 1876 The choice of courses extended by increasing the number of elective hours in the undergraduate course.
1876 New Haven native Edward Bouchet received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from Yale, the first doctorate awarded to an African American by an American university.
1876 Degree of Master of Arts upon examination first conferred.
1876 Peabody Museum of Natural History completed.
Apr 9 1877 Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station established on permanent basis by the General Assembly with one of its Board of Control to be elected by the Trustees of the Sheffield Scientific School.
Jan 28 1878 Yale Daily News founded.
1878 Chi Phi founded.


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