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Yale History Timeline: 1960 - 1969

Fenruary 20, 1960 - 1969


Feb 20 1960 Alumni Day Program in honor of Yale authors.
1960 School of Medicine celebrates 150th anniversary: 1810-1960.
1960 President Griswold announces "Program for the Arts and Sciences."
1960 The former Alpha Delta Phi tomb at 15 Hillhouse Avenue converted for the Collection of Musical Instruments.
Oct 23 1961 Report of Committee for the Student of Engineering Education at Yale.
1961 The Concilium on International Studies organized to coordinate the work in International Relations, African, East Asian, Latin American, Russian and East European, and Southeast Asia Studies.
1961-1962 Professor Stanley Milgram conducted experiments on obedience to authority.
Apr 13 1962 The Report of the President's Committee on the Freshman Year.
Jun 11 1962 The honorary degree of Doctor of Laws conferred upon President John F. Kennedy.
Dec 7 1962 Dedication of new residential colleges, Ezra Stiles and Morse.
1962 Secondary School Teachers Awards established.
1962 Yale-Columbia Southern Observatory, Inc., organized in cooperation with the University of Cuyo, Argentina.
Oct 11 1963 Dedication of The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.
Nov 9 1963 Dedication of the School of Art and Architecture Building.
Feb 20 1964 Yale and the State of Connecticut collaborate in establishing the Connecticut Mental Health Center in New Haven.
Apr 11 1964 Inauguration of Kingman Brewster, Jr, as the seventeenth president of the University.
Jun 15 1964

Martin Luther King Jr. bailed out of jail to receive an honorary degree at Yale.


Sep 1 1964 Office of Administrative Data Systems established.



Feb 1965 Graduate School Association organized.
1965 Yale Symphony Orchestra established.
1965 Paul Mellon (B.A. 1929) anonymously purchased the Vinland Map, purportedly the oldest known map of the Western hemisphere, and gave it to Yale.
 Summer 1965  Yale Glee Club's first Round-the-World summer tour.
 Oct 1965  Release of the report of the "Ad Hoc Committee on Policies and Procedures on Tenure Appointments."
Dec 4 1965 Opening of the Robert A. Taft Library of Jonathan Edwards College.
Oct 28 1965 Peabody Museum of Natural History celebrated its centennial.
Oct 28 1965 Dedication of the Kline Biology Tower, the last of three buildings comprising Kline Science Center and named in honor of benefactor C. Mahlon Kline (Ph.D. 1901).


1966 The 250th anniversary of the removal of the Collegiate School to New Haven.
Spring 1966 First group of sophomores to participate in the Five-Year B.A. program selected.
Oct 5 1966 Dedication of the Arthur Williams Wright (B.A. 1859, Ph.D. 1861) Nuclear Structure Laboratory.
Dec 1966 Announcement of joint study to explore possibilities of Yale and Vassar College cooperation.
1967 North Sheffield Hall (1872/73) and Winchester Hall (1892) removed to provide site or new laboratory.
Dec 8 1967 Announcement of gift of the Paul Mellon Center for British Art and British Studies.
Dec 14 1967 Special advisory committee appointed to aid in planning coeducation at Yale.
Feb 17 1968 Fifty-fifth Alumni Day; cornerstone laying for the Becton Engineering and Applied Science Center.
Jul 6 1968 President Brewsier presides at commemoration in Wrexham, Wales, of the 250th anniversary of the naming of Yale College for its first benefactor, the Honorable Elihu Yale.
1968 Total endowment of the University, $482,896,526.  Number of volumes in the several libraries of the University, over 5,300,000.
1968 Alumni Fund achieves new record:  $4,361,942.00 from 37,616 contributors.
Nov 9 1968 Corporation approves coeducation for Yale College beginning with class entering in September 1969.


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