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Yale History Timeline: 1940 - 1949

1940 - December 10, 1949


1940 Pension plan for employees adopted.
1940   Silliman College opened.
Jun 1941 First session of the summer school of music on the Stoeckel estate at Norfolk, Conn., provided by the bequest of Ellen Battell Stoeckel.
1941 Committees on Enrollment and Scholarships organized by Alumni Board to assist the Board of Admissions in the selection of applicants for admission to the Undergraduate Schools.
Jul 1 1942 Year-round program for undergraduates began.
Jul 15 1942 39th General Hospital, organized by the Surgeon General of the United States and staffed by doctors from the faculty of School of Medicine and Red Cross nurses organized by the School of Nursing, mobilized for active duty.
Nov 1942 Yale Laboratories of Primate Biology reorganized as the Yerkes Laboratories of Primate Biology, Inc., under the joint administration of Harvard and Yale.
1942 Yale campus converted into wartime training school.
Jan 1943 Chinese Language School established to provide Chinese-speaking officers and enlisted men for the Army.  In 1946 the school was organized on a permanent basis under the designation Institute of Far Eastern Languages.
Jan 1943 Army Air Forces Technical Training School established for the training of aviation cadets in various fields.  The Army leased physical facilities from the University but was responsible for all instruction in the school.
1943 Captain Glenn Miller formed Army Air Forces "Superband" at Yale, broadcasting weekly from the campus.
Jul 1943 Specialized training for the armed forces inaugurated. Yale was responsible for teaching men assigned to it by the services.  The Army undergraduate courses included engineering, pre-medical, and area and language study and the advanced work consisted of medical training, a Military Intelligence School, and a Civil Affairs Specialist Training School.  The Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard programs included for undergraduates pre-medical, pre-dental, and pre-chaplain corps work and deck officer, engineering, and naval aviation training. The Schools of Medicine and Nursing and the Divinity School gave instruction to medical and chaplain corps candidates and to women enrolled in the Cadet Nurse Corps.
Jul 1 1945 The Sheffield Scientific School resumed its original function of teaching science at the graduate level.  Courses leading to the B.S. degree in science were placed under the faculty of Yale College and the course leading to the B.S. degree in industrial administration under the School of Engineering.
Nov 10 1945 Columbia University and Yale undertook the joint operation of the astronomical station at the University of the Witwatersrand.
1945 Labor and Management Center established "for the study of the basic principles of human relationships involved in industrial relations and analysis of the forces operating in the labor market."
1945 Termination of the armed forces training programs.  From their inauguration in 1943, 14,000 Air Corps cadets, 3,650 officers and enlisted men in other Army schools, and 4,000 members of Navy units received training at Yale.
Feb 1946 Degree of Doctor of Forestry authorized.
1946 Summer.  First session of summer art school at Norfolk, Conn., on the Ellen Battell Stoeckel estate.
Sep 1946 Two-term year (September-June) restored in the Undergraduate Schools.
1947 University Council of twenty-five alumni established to study the major constituent parts of the University and to offer recommendations for their improvement and support.
Oct 15-17 1947 Exercises to commemorate the centennial of the Sheffield Scientific School.
Jul 28 1948 Establishment of the Eugene Higgins Scientific Trust. The trust provides that its income is to be distributed among Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale universities for "education in natural and physical science:.. to promote the general advancement of science by investigation, research and experiment ... and to encourage in the broadest and most liberal manner ... the application of the knowledge so obtained to the improvement and benefit of mankind."
1948 Levi Jackson first African-American player and captain of Yale football team.
Feb 5 1949 Twenty-fifth anniversary of the School of Nursing celebrated.
Dec 10 1949 Degree of Master of City Planning authorized.


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