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Yale History Timeline: 1840 - 1849

1841 - 1848


1841 Graduate instruction outside the professions begun.
1841 Scroll and Key founded.
Nov 5 1841 Publication of the first number of the Yale Banner.
1842 A common dining hall abandoned.
Jan 1843 Publication of the first number of The New Englander, later to become the New Englander and Yale Review.
Aug 15 1843 The Townsend Premiums established; five to be awarded annually "to the authors in the Senior class of the best original compositions in the English language."
Aug 15 1843 The School of Law formally placed under the control of the Corporation.  The degree of Bachelor of Laws first conferred. The number of students enrolled 1824-1842 was 410.
1843 First collegiate rowing races held in New Haven harbor.
1844 Delta Kappa Epsilon founded.
1846 Library building completed at cost of $34,000.  Known as the Old Library 1889-1931, it is now called Dwight Memorial Chapel in commemoration of the two Presidents Dwight.
Aug 19 1846 The Corporation voted "that Noah Porter, Jun., of Springfield, is elected Professor of Moral Philosophy and Metaphysics on Clark's foundation to enter upon his office on or about the first of June next."
1846 Professorships of Agricultural Chemistry and of Applied Chemistry established "for the purpose of giving instruction to graduates and others not members of the undergraduate classes."
Oct 21 1846 Ordination and inauguration of President Theodore Dwight Woolsey.
Aug 17 1847 Department of Philosophy and the Arts (later to be called the Graduate School) established "to embrace Philosophy, Literature, History, the moral sciences other than Law and Theology, the Natural Sciences excepting Medicine, and their application to the Arts."  The catalogue of 1847-1848 stated that "a School of applied Chemistry is embraced within this department."
1848 Berzelius founded.


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