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Yale History Timeline: 1740 - 1749

1743 - October 1749


Oct 23-27 1740 Rev. George Whitefield visited New Haven.  "I spoke very closely to the Students, and shewed the dreadful Ill-Consequences of an unconverted Ministry...."
1743 The Colony grant increased and a third tutor engaged. A classified catalogue of the Library published.
Sep 12 1744 " ... after the End of this vacancy no person Shall be admitted a freshman into this College who is more than twenty one years old, unless by Special allowance of the Trustees or their Committee."
Feb 25 1745 The Declaration of the Rector and Tutors of Yale College against the Rev. Mr. George Whitefield, his Principles and Designs, in a Letter to him.
May 9 1745 "An ACT for the more full and compleat Establishment of of YALE COLLEGE in New-Haven and for enlarging the Powers and Previleges thereof," passed by the General Court.  By this Charter the Trustees became a corporation called The President and Fellows of Yale College.
Jun 1 1745 President Clap took oaths imposed by new charter which became effective on this date.
Sep 15 1745 Revised Laws of the College approved.
Apr 16 1746 The first professorship (Divinity) established with funds given in 1745 by Colonel Philip Livingston "as a small achowledgement of the sence I have for the favour and Education of my sons have had there."
May 1747 The General Assembly authorized a lottery, 15 per cent to be deducted out of each prize for the building of a new College.
Oct 1749 In response to an appeal from the President and Fellows for further aid toward the new College, the General Assembly voted the proceeds of the sale of a French vessel taken by the Colony frigate.


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