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Yale History Timeline: 1920 - 1929

1920 - 1929


1920 President Arthur Twining Hadley appointed chemist John Johnson as the first Sterling Professor.
May 8 1920 Ownership of the Yale University Press transferred to Yale University.
Sep 30 1920 The Memorial Quadrangle first occupied. The gift of Mrs. Stephen V. Harkness for a memorial to her son, Charles W. Harkness (B.A. 1883).
1920 Beginning of the administration of the Freshman Year under a separate dean and faculty.
Oct 9 1920 The Corporation accepted terms of an agreement providing for affiliation of the Bernice P. Bishop Museum of Honolulu with Yale University.
Nov 21 1920 Dedication of the Memorial Tablets erected by the University to the men of Yale who gave their lives in the of their country during the World War.
1920 Completion of Yale-New Haven landmark Harkness Tower, at the time the tallest freestanding tower in the U.S.
Jun 21 1921 Inauguration of President James Rowland Angell.
1921 At the close of President Hadley's administration the University endowment exceeded $30,000,000, as contrasted with $5,605,736.82 on June 30, 1901.
Jun 21 1922 First award of the degree of Bachelor of Science to the graduating class of the Sheffield Scientific School.
Nov 5 1922 Convocation to honor Marshal Foch.
1923 School of Nursing established on the fiftieth anniversary of Connecticut Training School for Nurses, the institution which it succeeded.
Dec 13 1924 Acceptance of gift from Edward S. Harkness (B.A. 1897), for the establishment of a Department of Drama in the School of the Fine Arts.
Apr 18 1925 Agreement with the University of the Witwatersand, South Africa, provided for erection of a Yale observatory on its grounds.
Jun 14 1926 Convocation to honor H. R. H. Gustavus Adolphus.
Sep 30 1926 Compulsory attendance at daily and Sunday chapel services abolished.
1926 Founding of the Associates in Fine Arts at Yale University.
Dec 11 1926 Acceptance of gift from Charles H. Ludington (B.A. 1887) for the establishment of the Department of Personnel Study.
Spring 1928 Excavations at Dura-Europos started.  Conducted by Yale and the French Academy of Inscriptions and Letters.
Dec 8 1928 The Corporation voted "to approve the principle of a residential subdivision of the undergraduate schools... designed to foster a spirit of social intimacy and companionship."
May 11 1929 Berkeley Divinity School enters into affiliation with Yale University.
1929 Institute of Human Relations established.


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