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Yale History Timeline: 1830 - 1839

1830 - 1839-1841


Jul 31 1830 The "Conic Sections Rebellion" of the Class of 1832.
1830 Permanent funds amounted to $57,995.70.
1830 Each Tutor confined his teaching to one subject instead of hearing a single class in Greek, Latin, and Mathematics.
1831 "The spring of 1831 will long be remembered as one of the most remarkable seasons of refereshing from on high, which as ever been experienced at this College."
Oct 1832 Opening of the Trumbull Gallery, the first art museum connected with a college or university to be built in the United States.  Built by Colonel John Trumbull, with funds appropriated by the Connecticut General Assembly, to house his collection of paintings acquired by Yale in 1831.
1832 Skull and Bones founded.
1832 The Centum Millia Fund secured from contributions of graduates and other friends. The first movement for raising a large amount for general endowment.
Mar 1834 Yale Natural History Society organized.
Aug 19 1834 The Corporation accepted an Act of the General Assembly which provided exemption of taxation of college funds with an exception of real estate having an annual income of more than $6,000.
1836 The Yale Literary Magazine founded.
Aug 14 1838 The Corporation accepted an Act which constituted a majority of the Successors of the Original Trustees a quorum, provided due notice of the meeting had been issued.
1838 Psi Upsilon (later Fence Club) founded.
1839-1841 Yale and New Haven community worked together to secure the freedom of the Amistad Captives, a landmark event in African American history.


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