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Arts Library Special Collections: Artists

Resources available in the Special Collections of the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library.

Archival Collections



Joseph W. Reed designs and art work collection            

Collection contains personal papers, writings, and works of art, including paintings, drawings, designs, books, and other materials documenting the artistic career of Joseph W. Reed.



Richard Minsky archive

The Richard Minsky Archive contains correspondence, personal papers, photographs, artwork, publications, and ephemera that document his career as well as shed light on the history of book arts in New York City.



Emma Joy Dana Collection of Artus Scheiner

This collections contains 24 examples of original illustrations for children's books.



Emma Joy Dana Collection of Anna Mackova

This collection consists of materials that document the career of artist Anna Mackova. The collection contains numerous examples of her bookplate designs as well as several print portfolios and early designs from art school.



Thomas Nast Collection

This small collection contains a sampling of printed newspapers with illustrations by Nast.



Leo Wyatt Collection

This small collection contains five examples of lettering by Leo Wyatt. Some examples are offset printed; some examples are printed intaglio. The collection also contains a small poster from when Mr. Wyatt spoke at the Arts of the Book Collection in the late 1970s.



W. A. Dwiggins Collection

This small collection is comprised of original drawings that became printed illustrations for books and other media, and a sampling of printed ephemera and small publications designed by Dwiggins. Box 2 contains photocopies of articles about Dwiggins.



Albert Schiller Collection

This small collection of 45 items documents Schiller's use of fleurons, or printer's flowers, to make complicated visual imagery. His designs are primarily printed as broadsides.



James H. Fraser Collection of John Beecher

This collection is comprised of biographical information about Beecher, correspondence from John and Barbara Beecher to James H. and Sibylle Fraser from the 1960s to 1980, and two books of poetry inscribed by Beecher.



James H. Fraser Collection of Robert Haas

The collection consists of correpondence between Robert Haas and James H. Fraser, as well as biographical data on Haas and examples of his work collected by Fraser.



James H. Fraser Collection of John Anderson

This collection is comprised of biographical information about Anderson, correspondence to James H. Fraser and with other artists, as well as examples of ephemera and graphic art printed at the Pickering Press.



Andrew Duncan Collection of Stephen Gooden

The collection consists of original art work, books, and ephemera documenting the career of artist Stephen Gooden.



Mary Ellet Kendall Valentine Binding Collection

Mary Ellet Kendall Valentine and her sister, Sarah Ellet Kendall, were privledged to travel to England to study bookbinding with T. J. Coden-Sanderson, proprietor of the Doves Press and close associate of William Morris. Full leather bindings with gold stamped decorations showcase both the technical and design skills of Mary Valentine and Sarah Kendall. The intricate patterns are influenced by their Arts & Crafts training, but also show a tendency toward Art Deco and other modern influences. The collection includes bindings executed jointly as well as solo work by Mary Valentine. This is an extensive example of fine binding by one artist.