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Arts Library Special Collections: FORMAT Process

Resources available in the Special Collections of the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library.

Archival Collections



Publication process materials for Body & soul: ten American women, 1988

Paste-ups, dummy, and contact sheets for Body & Soul: Ten American Women, with text edited by Carolyn Coman, photography by Judy Dater, and design by Lance Hidy.



Print magazine submissions and publication process materials

Submissions by U.S. designers to the Regional Design Annual issue of July/August 1986, and proofs, paste-ups and color sheets for the November/December 1986 issue of Print.



Janus Press Production Material

This collections consists of examples of production materials assembled by Van Vliet and sent to subscription patrons, as well as the accompanying correspondence.



Pictorial Webster's Production Materials

This collection is comprised of proof sheets for The Pictorial Webster's.



Proofs of Illustrations [Photocopy] for American Dictionary of the English Language G&C Merriam Company

Original wood engravings and electrotypes of illustrations from the dictionary are printed on index cards, one for each entry. Some entries contains multiple images as the illustration was modified.



Collection of Printing Production Materials

This collection contains examples of materials used in intaglio, relief, and planographic printing processes, as well as examples of the various stages in the printing process.



Wood Type Pattern Blocks

The collection consists of pattern blocks used to cut wood type. There are examples of upper case, lower case, numbers, and punctuation for Cheltenham Extra Condensed and Franklin Condensed.



Collection of Dowd Printing Company ledgers and ephemera

The ledgers and ephemera that comprise this collection give insight into nearly 100 years of a commercial printing company's business transactions and reflect the changing technology of the industry. The collection contains several ledgers that detail profit and loss, with some descriptions of specific transactions. Two include a summary of the dates used and the contents. One ledger consists of handwritten copies of business correspondence from 1887-88. Two of the ledgers and three receipts, while lacking direct attribution to Dowd, are likely from the same company. Ephemera includes a newspaper clipping and a photograph of the Dowd Company's building as well as a signed check and a letter to stockholders.



Neil Greenberg Collection of Progressive Proof Books

The collection consists of lithographic progressive proof books for cigar labels. Many specimens include the log sheet of the printing company. The proof books were a gift to Greenberg from his father, Morris Greenberg, president of Consolidated Litho. Co.



Laurie Szujewska Thesis Documentation Collection

The collection consists of notes, photographs, sketchs, and other documentation about the process of developing her thesis project, the culminating project of the two-year Graphic Design graduate program at the Yale School of Art. Related materials are in AOB 33 Box 12. Szujewska's thesis is Untitled (Something From Nothing).



Riverside Press Brass Die Collection



Collection of Gillett Griffin Production Materials for A Mouse's Tale, 1951