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Arts Library Special Collections: Student Printing Examples

Resources available in the Special Collections of the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library.

Archival Collections



British school
printing examples

Collection consists of various works of printing schools and departments of British colleges dating from 1930 to 1984. The materials include monographic works on a variety of subjects, brochures, datebooks, keepsakes, etc., most of which were printed by students in fulfillment of academic requirements.



Graphic design
student projects collection

Collection of projects completed by graduate students in classes of the Yale School of Art Graphic Design Program. Items include binding, book, and type design projects produced for classes taught by Bradbury Thompson, Paul Rand, and Alvin Eisenman.



Elliot Offner Collection of
Smith College Student Printing

This collection is composed of books and ephemera printed primarily by letterpress by students of Smith College under the direction of Elliot Offner, Professor of Art.



Collection of Student Printing

This collection is arranged chronologically in four series: I. Wesleyan University Press (1941-1974); II. Oxford Press, (1959-1973); III. Rhode Island School of Design Press (1987); and IV. Other University Presses (1936-1980).