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Arts Library Special Collections: Non-Western

Resources available in the Special Collections of the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library.

Archival Collections



Collection of Japanese Paper Samples         

This collection consists of paper samples books and flat pieces of paper from Japan. Many of the samples are from master papermaker Eishiro Abe. The Abe papers contain examples made from gampi, mitsumata, and kozo.



Collection of Artwork from Thailand

This collection contains original drawings, prints, and decorative paper from Thailand (Siam). Arranged by motif. Series I: Decorative Motifs contains cut paper designs, prints of cut paper designs, and original drawings. Series II: Figurative Motifs contains images of humans and animals, sometimes combined. Series III: Text contains 3 prints that are primarily textual.



Collection of Japanese Prints and Book Objects

The collection contains 20 examples of Japanese (and possibly Chinese) color woodblock prints, most likely dating from the early 20th century.



Collection of Chinese Printing Sorts

This collection is comprised of 14 sizes of Chinese sorts as well as examples of matrices produced by the Commerical Press, Ltd, Shanghai, China.