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Latin American & Caribbean Microform Collections: NACLA Archives

A list by country of Yale's most important primary source microfilm collections


NACLA Archive of Latin Americana

The NACLA Archive on Latin Americana contains special reports, newsletters, and eventually magazines that were the outcome of research and writing done by members of the collective.  The materials amassed in their files ranged from newspaper clippings and original government documents to revolutionary communiques and corporate proxies.  Spanning the periods of the late 1950's through the early 1990s, with the greatest emphasis on 1965-1985, the archive brings together publications from and about all Latin American countries.

Predominant throughout are primary sources, with secondary sources consisting mainly of research institutes' working papers and other similar types of scholarship.  Subjects covered by the archive are: politics, government, socioeconomic conditions, agriculture, solidarity groups, human and civil rights, race, culture, church and religion, and environment and ecology.

See the University of Connecticut Libraries Digital Archive for online guide.

Yale also owns a hardcopy guide.

A .pdf copy is also available below complements of the University of Connecticut.